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Moroccan hospitality is legendary : move slowly on the patio and let yourself be enchanted by the scents of mint tea, the song of birds and the colors of Morocco... you are welcome...

Chafia Team


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With its countless markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, you will be amazed. Marrakech, also called the red city is the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The souks of the Medina offer everything the traveler expects: colors, atmospheres, perfumes, smiling and welcoming faces. Marrakech famous all over the world for its palm grove and its minaret, this city is a real living spectacle where men and local folklore are skillfully staged in a medieval setting.

An impressive cultural heritage with numerous monuments and quality museums.



The Chafia team generously opens its house to you to share the life of the Medina with you. Gregory and Delphine, the French owners, will share their love of Morocco with you and will take pleasure in telling you the story behind each object in the riad.

Chafia Team is at your disposal 24/24h to help you compose a tailor-made stay, unique experience and off the tourist mass.

Take the time to share the authenticity of Moroccan life.

Feuille de palmier tropical


We want to offer durable tourism. The equipment made available and the training of the team aims to reduce energy consumption, use reusable product even it's possible, to offer organic and local food and protocolto preserve Morocco's water resources. The life of the riad helps to grow the social economy of the Medina by highlighting Moroccan craftsmanship, by choosing products of Moroccan origin and the quality of homemade.

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