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Origin Chafia

Did you know ?

Lalla Chafia means the healer ...


The story goes that this traditional Moroccan Riad once housed Lalla Chafia, a legendary healer capable of curing the ills of the body, soul and heart ...

We still mumure that this house in preserved its soothing athmophere source of serenity and softness.


Escape these places with incomparable authenticity and hospitality ...

Sac de paille


A riad, which can be translated as a garden in Arabic, is a form of traditional Moroccan architecture typical of the medinas of imperial cities.

A riad is completely closed on the inside, protected by high walls, with few openings to protect from the heat and the noise of the street. This house is organized around a central patio, in the form of a stepped well in balconies facing the interior, inspired by traditional Arab-Andalusian housing. This naturally cool and air-conditioned skylight is inspired by Islamic oases and gardens: it is wooded, lush and has a refreshing pool.

The roof is converted into a solarium terrace in the sky, offering a breathtaking view of the roofs of the medina. The decoration is traditional and harmonious, with ancient elements of Moroccan craftsmanship based on plaster, Islamic ceramics and zellige.

Feuille de palmier tropical

Moroccan Hospitality

Not a traveler returning from Morocco will forget to tell you about the legendary Moroccan hospitality.

In Marrakech, hospitality is an art of living and sharing. Welcoming your neighbor is first of all a precept of the Coran, it is also an opportunity to share and meet a traveler from far away.

Riad Chafia is a house with an authentic atmosphere: another house far from your home. The Riad Chafia team is available 24 hours a day to respond to your requests and accompany you throughout your stay ... a wonderful memory of Morocco.


Discover Marrakech


With its countless markets, gardens, palaces and mosques, you will be amazed. Marrakech, also called the red city is the fourth largest city in the Kingdom of Morocco.

The souks of the Medina offer everything the traveler expects: colors, atmospheres, perfumes, smiling and welcoming faces. Marrakech famous all over the world for its palm grove and its minaret, this city is a real living spectacle where men and local folklore are skillfully staged in a medieval setting.

An impressive cultural heritage with numerous monuments and quality museums.

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Jeema El Fna square

Koutoubia Mosque

Medina's Souk

Secret Garden

Bahia Palace

Ramparts of the medina and Bab Agnaou

Mederssa Ben Youssef

Majorelle Garden

Yves Saint Laurent Museum

Menara Gardens

The Palm groove